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Are you ready to spice up your Gold Coast event or venue? Elevate the excitement by offering your guests the chance to unleash their inner superstars with our premium Gold Coast Karaoke DJ Service. Our team arrives fully equipped with top-of-the-line gear, featuring a DJ booth, a powerful 2000 Watt sound system, vibrant club lighting, a smoke machine, a 32″ lyrics screen, and a skilled karaoke DJ.

We boast an extensive selection of over 58,000 songs, covering various genres spanning decades from the 50s to today’s chart-toppers. There’s a song for every taste among your guests. Just bring your voice and a dash of superstar attitude as you take the stage and rock the house!

To make things even smoother, we’ve introduced our own QR code song request system, courtesy of our very own DJ Cactus James. This innovative platform called Lime DJ, allows effortless browsing of our song catalogue and song requests right from your guests’ phones. It’s so user-friendly that entertainers in 100 countries around the globe now use this system!

We cover all areas of the Gold Coast

With over 58,000 songs to choose from we have everyone's tastes covered!

Our premium hosted karaoke service is ideal if you’re throwing a themed party such as a 70’s, 80’s or 90’s night etc…

What We Provide


Lovin & Co Entertainment are based midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We provide our hosted karaoke service across the South Brisbane and Gold Coast region.

Gold Coast Karaoke DJ

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DJ Cactus James

Our lively karaoke nights are a blast and perfect for a range of occasions such as hens parties, bachelor parties, birthdays, kids' celebrations, weddings, corporate events, retirement gatherings, and sports club events.

Gold Coast Karaoke DJ - F.A.Q.

Absolutely not. We provide a premium hosted karaoke service and bring the same rig we take to our DJ gigs with a powerful 2 speaker PA system on stands, top end club lighting rig with lasers and a fog machine plus a 32 inch screen for lyrics. Our Gold Coast Karaoke DJ, Cactus James runs the professionally recorded backing  tracks from a Macbook Pro, he is even able to mix in backing vocals and effects on some tracks to accompany the singer! There is never a quiet moment, James fills the gaps between singers with upbeat music to maintain the party vibe. Our complete database of songs is  available via our custom made QR code song request system for song selection and getting in the queue.

Yes, that is usually what happens with us. We often find that people are having such a great time that the client will ask us to carry on performing for another 1 – 2 hours past the original finish time! We can discuss the options to do this when you make a booking with us.

We generally arrive at least 1.5 hours before our start time to set up and do sound checks, we also require around 1 hour to pack down.

When we come to your venue we provide a number of laminated QR codes. Your guests simply scan the QR code with their smartphone and they will be taken to a page where they can see the currently requested songs, browse or search the catalogue and make a request. No more having to wait inline to browse through a paper based catalogue. When you book us we will also send you a link a few days before your event so you and your guests can browse the catalogue online and make early-bird requests. All requests go straight to our DJ who will prepare the music and announce the next singer etc. The system was created by our tech guru and Karaoke DJ Cactus James and is now used all over the world. For those who don’t have smartphones we will assist with getting their song requests into our system.

Karaoke machines are more of a ‘toy’ and okay if you just have a few friends around but they are not ideal if you want a seamless event for more than a few people. Our premium hosted karaoke service takes karaoke to a whole new level providing you with a powerful sound system, club style lighting, smoke machine and a DJ to provide a fun night of entertainment for all your guests.


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🎤 Get ready to steal the spotlight and unleash your inner rockstar! Picture this: an electrifying evening where laughter fills the air, music sets hearts racing, and the stage beckons you to sing your heart out. Welcome to the ultimate hosted Gold Coast karaoke night extravaganza!

🌟 Calling all party enthusiasts, celebration seekers, and anyone craving an unforgettable time! Say goodbye to ordinary nights and hello to an experience that’ll have you belting out your favorite tunes like never before.

🎶 With a treasure trove of over 58,000 songs spanning every era and genre, there’s something for everyone. From the classics that get your hips swaying to today’s chart-toppers that ignite the dance floor, the stage is yours to own!

🎉 Gather your crew—whether it’s a wild bachelorette bash, a milestone birthday, a team-building corporate event, or just an excuse to let loose—and prepare for an evening filled with laughter, cheers, and epic performances.

🌈 Our hosted Gold Coast karaoke night isn’t just a singing session; it’s a carnival of entertainment. Imagine top-notch sound, dazzling lights, and an atmosphere buzzing with infectious energy—all ready to amplify your shining moment on stage.

📱 And guess what? Our super convenient QR code song request system lets you browse, select, and belt out your favorite jams seamlessly. It’s the modern-day karaoke magic that keeps the party going!

🎤 So, grab that mic, channel your inner superstar, and join us for a night where the spotlight is yours and memories are made. It’s not just karaoke; it’s a symphony of fun waiting for you to steal the show!